7 januari 2007

Eira in dreads for her sister

Om du inte klagar, kommer jag i fortsättningen att skriva på engelska.
I will from now on blog in English.

The dreads are felted from a hank of undyed pencil-thick merino roving from Wingham Wool Work scroll down to bottom of page. I felted two such hanks in washing machine on 30 degrees celcius. First I tied the hanks loosely as they were at one end of the hank and tore each "pencil" at the opposite end. After felting I had to separate each dread from each other, but I let the tied end remain felted together after removing the tie. Then I dyed the dreads in a kettle on the stove, one in black and cerise and the other in black and red (no picture). Natasja who got the red/black dreads separated them completely in order braid them into her hair.

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