12 augusti 2008

Eira in her new Pippi Longstocking sweater

Eira is now two years and two months, but I knitted for a four year child adapting different patterns to my own.

Pippi Longstocking sweater

Attached I-cord

Marks & Katten Bom/ull (=Cotton/wool). My own pattern adapted from different patterns in the same gauge.

Eira's monster sweater from sock wool

Petter's Slip stich west in handdyed wool

Pink Wool cardigan

Eira in pink outfit


Merino wool socks

Trekking socks

Regia: Kaffe Fasset socks

Monster socks

27 mars 2008

Solar dyeing last summer

Finally I've uploaded some pics of my my experiment with solar dyeing last summer at Flickr. It was not so sunny, so it took some time to exhaust the dye in the jar. You can also figure out how I made my owens - after not succeeding so well without. Here I use Wilson and other forms of food colouring. They come in several shades and are fun to work with with kids outside if the summer is warm. In Sweden you can purchase the colours from Kakburken. They are however cheaper from several British sites if you are a Swede. Cf my set with dyeing in the ball in my micro with food colouring available in ordinary super markets (yellow, green & red, mixable)!

25 februari 2008

Socks, handdyed wool slip stiches

Sweater for Eira

Swater for Eira, originally uploaded by bildlek.

24 februari 2008

Poncho for Alice

Poncho for Alice, originally uploaded by bildlek.

Poncho for Tella

Poncho for Tella, originally uploaded by bildlek.